Listing the guilty pleasures

It so happens that I found myself enjoying “Baby” by Justin bieber, oh I shouldn’t, isn’t it? The whole internet lashes out on him and similar artists. He is so not talented, wait! What? He isn’t? then why is he so popular? Describe talent to me then? If it is because of his looks then aren’t there similar looking people who we do not know. Hehe, So my point is why are we so full of hatred, take an example of Kesha, she sells millions and billions of album copies and still is tagged with offensive tags on youtube. well, this is Simple, if you do not like them, move on!

Listing here some of my guilty pleasures in Music. These are the things which I enjoy a lot but when my friends ask, I hesitate to admit because of the fear of being mocked. But truly, I believe one should do what makes one happy irrespective of what other people think.

♥ One of my Guilty pleasures is listening to sultry Jazz. Yeah I am talking about Julie London, Peggy lee and more. 

♥ Even if classical music is masterpiece I find it boring at times.

♥ I find myself dancing to Vengaboys even now lol

♥ I like songs with glam, I am a huge fan of J.lo but when asked although by friends and colleagues, I say i am more into soul music while I listen to pop all the times.

♥ I listen to death metal when I am angry and it helps me calm down

♥ When I am not sleepy I listen to loud music and go to sleep.

♥ I secretly enjoy Miley Cyrus songs.

♥ I like noisy music and when my song is on, i always raise the volume.

♥ I have an affinity towards people who share similar music taste with me.

I guess this is all I could think of for now. What are your guilty pleasures in music? would love to know, do comment. Wait! Do not leave without commenting, c’mon 🙂

Oh and here is a song for you to enjoy (opens in new window like always)- Julie london





  1. Being a South Indian, I have always loved Tamil, Hindi songs and English albums. Though I’m pretty much crazy about English Songs n Hindi Songs, I never use to say it aloud being in Tamil Nadu. Fearing Colleagues n some of my Friends that they would mock at me. I’m a huge fan of J’Timberlake. When I did share the songs MIRRORS & HOLY GRAIL on my FB wall saying the song is awesome, none came out with a second to hit that ‘Like’. 😉 So I have learned to do enjoy such stuffs when am all alone. That’s pleasure! 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing. TBH, like is just a button on fb, do not let it stop you from sharing whatever you want for it is your wall and so it should be your wish. If you think it is good, it surely and defo is.Justin timberlake is an amazing artist.

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