Roșcatul care-mi place – The reddish

look around!


.I recently posted a story about fringe and how we keep it over the eyes 🙂 (see here!). I posted, of course, some photos of my fringe period. At that time I had a wonderful reddish hair color. A friend of mine from the blogosphere, from India, told me that he likes so much that reddish color. When I said that everything is natural, she asked why not write a post about it. My dear Arohii, I do it now, as I promised.

It’s easier than it looks. No hairdresser, without spending too much, no hassle. It is true that this idea is not mine. I heard it myself on to my friends.

Below are the creation process 🙂

Going to the market. Bought: 3-4 carrots, a beet not so big, and 200-300 g raspberry.


Then, cut carrots and beet into pieces, not so…

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