10 Trends to steal from Grandma

Many fashion trends from past have made a well received comeback.Take an example of latest fall fashion trends, double breasted blazers were popular in 1930s. Hammer pants from past are the most loved joggers/ baggy pants of present. And so here is the list of some trends idea from Grandma’s era.

  • The prints- especially Paisley prints.  
  • Chokers- i personally love chokers, i remember my grandmother had choker sets and many other traditional Jewellery like armlets, waist chains etc.
  • Brooch- still used though, it is one of the evergreen vintage thing which should never be out of fashion.
  • Pompadour hairstyles
  • Bandana and headscarves – 
  • Poodle skirts-
  • waist key chains/ chabi challa (Indian)- Jewellery many Indian women still use to hold keys and hook it around their waist. It is basically a key chain. 
  • Armlets- They look nice really! i would love to wear a sleeveless top and a thin chain like armlet around arms.
  • Halo hats
  • Belly chains   

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