wear your slits like you want!

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I am pretty much obsessed with slit tunic dresses and skirts.They are everywhere,you can spot it in mostly all the designers collection as well as at retail shops and clothing brands and owning a piece of your own is kinda must.why? because you can style it in so many different ways!

slits are available as double slits,single slits and front slit.

you could wear a slit maxi skirt and a crop top with flat or boots. you could pair the slit tunic with palazzo pants,culottes,flared jeans or long maxi flared skirts. Alternatively you could just grab a sheer slit dress/tunic and wear it over a crop top and high waisted palazzo/minis/bodycons or use it as coverup at beach!

one dress or piece of clothing can be used in so many ways and that is why i love it because we all own at least one piece of  maxi skirt/slit maxi dress or palazzo pants by now.slit dress/tunic will be surely a worthy add up!

This is how you can style your slit clothing items,i took one front slit tunic and paired it differently

There are so many possible ways ,so just grab your fave slit dress and stylize it your own way!

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