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hello there sweethearts

Just as much as we love social media these days, slangs are trending with the same speed, for e.g YOLO it means you only live once, motto of the youth oops yute (slang for youth) today! also another way to say carpe diem, which sounds way better than yolo.Also why yolo,why not hakuna matata,its way cuter and familiar! Boo, its not so cool to be apt anymore,cool is if you know few slangs and use it often, hehe. Be it memes ,hashtags or day to day life,it is used widely. Teenagers seem to be smh ,lol even when they speak which is so dumb. why do you need to abbreviate the words while speaking. It definitely is meant for use in chatting, to save the time, but whatever,it is always fun to learn the slangs.

while Lol ,brb etc are old slangs,some of the newest slangs since 2013 are –

BAE  i came across profiles saying “Bae justin bieber is so hawt!” it means Before anyone else.

hehe, another slang is Yeet, i like it. It is used when you are excited about something. For e.g i just passed my exams with 90 perecent,yeet!!

Fleek – it means on point!

exactly when i hear ratchet i remember gretchen saying that’s so fetch from mean girls

so the next word is Ratchet which is said when a girl thinks herself of a diva.

Mcm means man crush monday and wcw would be women crush wednesday!

Damp when someone or something is awesome,for e.g i just got myself a jimmy choo shoes,so damp!

Doe for though

Swerve has many meanings, one of the meaning that i know is go away and i would like to settle with that.

Derp means dumb.

Bless up a way to say goodbye or hello. example, bless up peeps!

so what is your fave slang? Mine one is omg! and lol hehe.

Thank you for stopping by ,wishing you all a good day.

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