words you spell right & read wrong!

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Funny isn’t it? There are some words we read wrong always in our mind and care less about it! while reading in our mind of course sometimes we come across words with silent letters and we read it as they are spelled rather than as they are pronounced.it gives an ease,i mean we care less about the letters that are silent,it is our mind and hence its our rule! hehe but i wonder why were such words ever invented,if the letter is silent why is it in the word then, do you know the answer?

Take an example of the word Gnocchi when i read it in my mind i always read it wrong, however it is pronounced as  NYOH-kee . wow words are so complicated.

Here are the list of some common words which we all read wrong but spell right

Rendezvous pronounced as rondivu it is often read wrong.

Faux pas




Antarctic i often say antartic

zucchini pronounced as zukini

Epitome pronounced as epi-tumi


poignant pronounced as poi-nyant

asthma i always pronounce it wrong 😦 , its pronounced as azma

hehe lingerie 


mojito as mohito


That’s all for now! hope you are having a good tuesday so far!


arohi! ❤