Once upon a time : selfies,fb and more

yesterday i was going through my newsfeed on facebook, surprisingly all of my friends had their dp in tricolor, curiously i searched for the tricolor display pictures on google, only to learn about what was going on. People are putting tricolor display pictures after Narendra Modi,prime minister of India and Mark Zuckerberg, chairman of facebook changed their Display pictures on facebook to support “digital India” the term probably used to promote Internet.org. Many of my friends have changed their profile pictures already without even taking a look at  the possible consequences,what digital India really meant,why internet.org has been a failed project and controversial. Nobody wants net neutrality.i will not say what they did was wrong, it was foolish.

“Don’t ever be a blind follower,educate yourself”

Media can be very powerful in uniting people across the world,in spreading awareness,use it wisely.I here have listed down moments from history when social media were used for awareness,cause and campaign through display picture change to hashtags to selfies~

  1. #jesuischarlie 
    It is one of the most popular hashtag tweet, it was tweeted in support of charlie hebdo and freedom of speech.In january when 12 people were killed at the french satirical newspaper office, #jesuischarlie started trending on internet in support of those who were killed and the freedom of press. resize
  2. #sclerodermaselfies
    These were the bare faced selfies taken by women who suffered from scleroderma and were posted on twitter with hashtag in protest to the banning of a photo of woman with scleroderma from Facebook,
    To know more click on the link-http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3194114/Twitter-users-share-bare-faced-selfies-touching-social-media-campaign-support-woman-image-rare-skin-disease-banned-Facebook.html
  3. #justatampon
    Nothing but a selfie with tampon to break the social stigma around periods.More-
  4. #Selfiewithdaughter
    selfie-with-daughter-campaign-goes-viral (1)
    This is the story of India, sorrow hits in many villages and homes when a daughter is born, this campaign was started by PM of India where fathers took selfie with their daughters to show how proud they were of their daughter.This initiative protest the female foeticide practised in many states like haryana punjab bihar,This will not solve the real problem,in my opinion.Few days back mom was shocked reading in a newspaper about a woman who threw her newborn girl child out of anger because she could not give birth to a boy.we come across news like child abandonment every now and then,about a new born found in drain,dust bins etc. If they will not kill foetus,they will find ways to get rid of daughters somehow Mr.Modi .
  5. Rainbow Display pictures
    people started converting their facebook profile picture into rainbow dps back in june in the U.S in support of legalizing the gay rights,LGBT more specifically.
  6. pink/red equal sign display picturesmarriage-equality-meme-450x448
    Those who support gay marriage equality changed their Fb profile pictures with a square box of equal sign in pink over a red background.
  7. #powerofmakeup selfie1435260388_the-power-of-makeup-467
    selfies of women showing half of their face clad in makeup and half without started trending on twitter after a video went viral.pretty amazing to see the wonders makeup can do and i support use of makeup because i love the confidence it gives apart from the appearance of course .
  8. #prayforbostonPrayForBoston
    In 2013, In boston,two explosions took place.People started praying for boston and the deceased during these explosions via hashtag prayforboston.
  9. The black dot dp on fb425751_473005262751222_759987126_n
    This dp was put by people of India in outrage after the Delhi rape case which shook the nation for the brutality of assault.whole nation mourned over the victim’s death and asked the government for strict punishment for the accused.It turned more ugly when some politicians and leaders accused women for such incidence saying their outfits and night outs were responsible for their unfortunate fate.
  10. strong arm selfie
    This cause has been started to fight colorectal cancer,check here for more details-http://fightcolorectalcancer.org/do-something/raise-awareness/strong-arm-selfie/
  11. cartoon dp on facebook
    People changed their profile pictures to cartoon dp or posted cartoon on their page  in support of the campaign started against child violence.
  12. Breast cancer Awareness dp
    Campaign supporting breast cancer awareness in which profile pictures of pink ribbon was set.

Also trending now right at this moment is #facebookdown.Facebook was down twice in a week and people have started tweeting about it!

Thank you for reading , Good day!   ❤



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