List of people we come across in our lives!

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Namaste lovely readers

Lately i have been thinking about types of friends/foes/relatives we have around us and i was amused.First of all because i could fit them into categories,secondly because well it was pretty interesting how they could be generalized.

They sometimes spice up our lives and are sometimes super annoying. Here are the 10 categories of such peeps that made my list-

disclaimer : Any resemblance to a person living/dead would be a coincidence  😛

  • Indolent Indifferent –
    These people are my favourites,they are just least concerned about what you say or do.They mind their own biz. and really i mean really don’t disturb when you don’t want to be. They understand the meaning of privacy and give people their personal space.They are literally Angels on earth! 🙂
  • Nosy Nuts  –
    Say either they are Immature or insensible, they like to be Nosy about everything thats going in others life. They keep lurking into your lives even if you could care less about theirs.Most of the peeps we come across are from this category.
  • suspicious stalkers
    Creepier version of nosy nuts but silent,hidden and mostly suspicious!
    They know you,you don’t know them. Some of them are gutsy enough to be seen by either sending you a friend requests on your social profiles or liking your profile pictures! Others are curious but choose to stay unseen. very few belong to this category and if you got many stalkers,you must be popular!
  • Boring Beings –
    Strangely, these people look to you for entertainment of some sort. Rather than using other means, they are gonna ping you when they are bored ,may be to share their boredom and then expect you to carry out the entire conversation with their one or two word replies,what a torture!! Here is what the conversation looks like
    “ you: wassup
    after a min. BB: not much you say
    you: well nm,what are you doing?
    BB: not much,just bored,u say
    you:okay so how is work going?
    you:how was your day
    And the conversation  continues with replies like ok,fine,yes,no till you give up .what a waste of time. I wonder when these people have nothing to talk about why on earth do they ping us?
  • Flaunting Fly – oh! you know these, yeah the boasting bees who sting sweetly ! They will only come talk to you when they have to talk about their new finds,achievements,the expensive things they bought or be it anything that you don’t have.They  intentionally/unintentionally make us feel miserable at some point of time,unfortunately! and that very moment,we just somehow forget to count our blessings!
  • Demoralizing Demons
    Or rather Dream crushers, they just give you everything negative. Discourage you. They just cannot accept the fact for once that you could be a firework. I really don’t know what is wrong with them, sometimes people do wonders with slightest encouragement!
  • Taunting Talents-
    one has to be talented to pass a taunt.These people are the ones who refuse to come to your face and speak up rather pass a comment on you in someway when you pass by! seriously,these are mostly bullies and one must discourage their action and speak up against them right away.
  • Jealous Junks
    Most common types.Constitutes the majority of people around us.Being envious is natural and human.But being Jealous of your own friend/relative can be harmful. one must overcome jealousy and be happy in others success.Jealousy will only bring depression, mental issues and unhappiness. we all have friends who secretly are jealous of us in some or other way, a healthy jealousy or competition is okay but when it grows the consequences are mostly unhealthy for the relationship.
  • Pretending Prats-
    They pretend to like you,they are sweet on your face but are different behind your back. They are phoney and they like sugarcoating.

Thank you for Reading. warmest wishes !