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what exactly is fashion faux pas,faux pas means “blunder” fashion faux pas are the mistakes we make according to fashion rules!we all have committed fashion faux pas,I think there are no rules,one must dress as one desires but then sometimes it gets hard to overlook some major blunders,when celebs commit one,it becomes fashion-news headline.Its okay to mix n match but sometimes,we should be careful,the outcome of such mix and match should be stylish or we could become subject of mockery!
what are the do′s and dont′s?
According to me,Don′ts are -its a blunder when you wear a dress over a trouser,when you don′t wear age-apt clothes,when you wear skimpy clothings or too tight jeans/too low waisted trousers,too short,too bright,anything and everything too much may make you look weird!too much of prints or animal prints,polka dots,frills!and dressing with wrong color combos like red and pink,ew right!basically without keeping in mind the complementary colors!Also,loose fitting clothes and shoes!But again dress if it looks good on you!for example i like denim on denim which is also said to be a fashion faux pas.Be stylish if not fashionable 🙂
Here are the pictures of major fashion faux pas-
Wearing a socks with sandals tops my list,
sandals-socks_2630949c 213025001Fashion faux pas or style inspirations?

too bright,yet stylish
Too bright,yet stylish
stripes with polka,fashion paux yet looking okay!
stripes with polka,fashion faux pas yet looking okay!


loving this bright skirt