Fashion or style!

Fashion and Style are two different things! Quoting Fashion Queen Coco Chanel,

Fashion changes,style endures

Fashion is cool, but style is freedom! Sometimes being a rebel and breaking the rules makes history . As said by marilyn monroe, “well behaved women seldom make history ” . To me fashion and style goes side by side and if balanced well , gives flawless look.

style brings the best out of us and the fashion as well, what’s fashionable to the world may not suit your taste, styling what’s “in ” will not only bring the best out of fashion but also will result in the best suited outfit for us .

Being unique is what style is all about.

Fashion is vast,its dynamic!style is individuality!But both in my opinion are must, one must be aware of the current trends to style it their must be having a good fashion sense to be stylish.

Take an example of a fashion trend “denim on denim”, Before Celebrities started wearing denim on denim intentionally it was supposed to be a blunder.But one person styled it correct and ~Boom~ it was a trend!

See fashion might tell us what to wear,style will always gets us the best of how to wear and look good!we must never follow fashion blindly,they can be tricky at the end of the day!




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